ajou d´identités

dila         dilx         dily         dilz
rota        rotx        roty        rotz
See also

add axis

add axis(x,y,z)vol(id)

        Adds (x,y,z) to axis matrix vol(id).

add dila

add dila(x,y,z)vol(id)

        Adds (x,y,z) to dila matrix vol(id).

add dilx

add dilx(c)vol(id)

        Adds (c) to dilx matrix vol(id).

add dily

add dily(c)vol(id)

        Adds (c) to dily matrix vol(id).

add dilz

add dilz(c)vol(id)

        Adds (c) to dilz matrix vol(id).

add hom

add hom(c)vol(id)

        Ajoute (c) to hom matrix vol(id).

add image

See image add.

add memory

add memory(id)name("nnn")

        Builds memory id with the content of fime nnn.mem.

add obj

add obj name("name")

        Adds the objects in memory those described in the file name.ext, ext depends on the type of object (obj can be: fog, field, genetic, light, memory, object, device, network, flight view).
sort: objects are renumbered in the order they are read..

add rota

add rota(a)vol(id)

        Adds (a) to rota matrix vol(id).

add rotx

add rotx(a)vol(id)

        Adds (a) to rotx matrix vol(id).

add roty

add roty(a)vol(id)

        Adds (a) to roty matrix vol(id).

add rotz

add rotz(a)vol(id)

        Adds (a) to rotz matrix vol(id).

add tran

add tran(x,y,z)vol(id)

        Adds (x,y,z) to tran matrix vol(id).

See also

image add