The AutoMapping is a technique (which I invented in 1988) of taking it for texture the image itself, which product effect of optical feedback exponential complexity.


If the surface receiving the mapping is a facet that cover exactly the screen image is exactly mapped appearing on the screen and no effect is obtained. Just a slight delay for the image texture recursively on itself developing this gap.This process requiring no calculation (step other than to periodically stock image) can be used in real time.

In anyflo command generate image provides this function.

Application to the animation

AutoMapping image

By playing this shift during an animation, it is possible to build self generating parallel movement and arbitrary complexity I have used this method in 1989 with the film "automappe".

AutoMapping animation

We can apply this process no longer in the picture, but a sequence of moving images, thus obtaining a AutoMapping spatio temporal, and this in an arbitrary order ( animation of animation of ...).