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        Builds polyhedral approximation of the ball identifier id radius 100, 3 y sections and 6 x sections.
dim(r): radius r (100 by default).
dila(cx,cy,cz): expansion (cx,cy,cz) (1,1,1 by default).
secy(n): n y sections and 2*n x sections.
secx(nx)secy(ny): nx x sections and ny y sections.
poi(x,y,z): positioned at (x,y,z) (0,0,0 par défaut).
rotx(a): a rotated around the x (0 par défaut).
roty(a): a rotated around the y (0 par défaut).
rotz(a): a rotated around the z (0 par défaut).

ball vol

ball vol(id)

       Returns (x, y, z, r, r2), = the bounding ball vomule id:, where:
(x,y,z) = center of gravity of the object = center of the bounding ball.
r = rayon de la boule, r2 = r * r.

ball fac

ball fac(f) vol(id)

       Returns (x, y, z, r, r2) = the bounding ball facet f of vomule id, where:
(x,y,z) = center of gravity of f facet = center of bounding ball.
r = radius of the ball, r2 = r * r.

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