geometric center

vertex      vol

center image

Voir image center.

center brush

center brush(id)

Returns center property of brush id.

centre brush(id)=xaff,yaff

change that property.
If the brush is of type image and if it is displayed (xaff, yaff) this property ensures the change of reference of the screen image.

center vertex vol

center vertex(s) vol(id)

        Returns the center associated with the vertex s id..

center vertex(s) vol(id)=x,y,z

        Change this center.
If the volume is a system of particles the particle n1 will remain inactive at (x, y, z), which can be a source of particles moving range (just to vary the center).

center traj

center traj(id)

        Returns the center of trajectory id.

center traj(id)=x,y,z

        Change this center.
1) By default, the center is the center of gravity of the object transformed.
2) For trajectories of type rotx, roty, rotz, dilx, dily, DILZ, and dila men: (x, y, z) is the center of the transformnation.

center vol

center vol(id)

        Returne the center of volume id.

center vol(num)=x,y,z

        Change this center.
If the volume is a particle system, the inactive particles are maintained at (x, y, z), which allows for a point source moving particles (it is sufficient to vary the center)..