cleans an entity

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clean audio

clean audiuo(id)

Removes parasites order 0.5 on audio signal.
limit(d): Removes parasites order -d,d
limit(d1,d2): Removes parasites order d1,d2

clean line

clean line(L)

        Returns the 3D line L far away from his identical points.
ang(an): aligned points near to an (default is 0).
dist(d): points separated by less than d (0 by default). points distants de moins de d (0 by default).
format(dimp): dimp=dimension of vecteurs (3 by default):
     dimp=1: L=x1,x2,... ang option is therefore not significant.
     dimp=2: L=x1,y1,x2,y2,...
     dimp=3: L=x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2,...

clean memory

clean memory(id)

        Releases the shared memory id (UNIX).

clean memory

        Releases all shared memory:
Note: to be used (with care) in case of problems with sensors.

clean obj

clean obj(id)

        Removes unnecessary blocks of the object id.

clean obj

        Removes unnecessary blocks for objects of that type.

See also:

device clean