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exec audio

exec audio vol

Sets values of audio transf vol property with the current value of transf on all volumes.
coe(c): multiplier coefficient (1 default).
vol(id): only for volume id.

exec audio image(id)

Executes property audio win of image id.

exec attach vol

exec attach vol(id)

       Executes the attach properties of volume id. If id is absent: all volumes.
Note: jsut do yes attach in order to execute propreties ´attach ...´ at each image.

exec box

exec box vol(id1,id2)

Command allowing to deform volume identifiier id1 by mean of a grid id2 a 3D grid of nx by ny by nz meshes.
1) Given a volume id1:
2) Build a 3D regular grid id2 3D by mean of the command:
3) Deform it using the geometric transformations: tran, plac, rotx, roty, rotz, dilx, dily, dlz, dila, hom, poi(s)vol(n2)=x,y,z etc...
3) Invoke command exec box vol(id1,id2)

exec brush

exec brush

        Executes all valid brushs.
abs: without testing dist.
brush(id): only brush id.

exec collision

exec collision vol(id)

        Executes volume id collisions, if id is absent processes all volumes.
Allows correct bad detected collisions.

exec dynamic

        Executes dynamic calculus (forces, force fields, springs, etc..) for all objects.
obj: for objects type obj.
obj(id): for objects type obj and identifier id.
1) Automatic by default, but can be executed by user in an animation (interaction off).
2) For images yes image must be active.
3) For brushes yes brush must be active.

exec force vol vol

exec force(f) vol(id1) vol(id2)

        Assignes to volume id1 a force rota computed as average influence of vertices of volume id2.
1) f=1 by default.
2) If id2 is anchored, rotates around its vertex follow (axis directed to its CG).
3) If id2 is leader, rotates around its ´CG´ (axis y)

exec law

exec law CG vol(id)

       Computes the power 1/3 law of the stack law CG vol(id).

exec local

exec local obj(id)

        Executes first local function of object obj identifier id.

exec local(id_loc)var(v1)var(v2)...var(vn)obj(id)

        Executes local function identifier id_loc of object obj identifier id with parameters v1,v2,...,vn.
1) exec local(1) vol(7); executes first local function of volume 7. without parameters.
1) exec local("f")var(1)vol(7); executes local function f(1) of volume 7.

exec menu


Declares the functions fi corresponding to the boxes numbered ni of menu MEN (ni >= 1) as to be performed during respectively ti images (1 defult).
yes menu must be active.
exec menu("MEN"); launches the execution.
exec(n1,n2,...)time(t1,t2,...)menu("MEN")exec: declares and launches the execution.

exec menu("MEN")GO

Launches executions.

exec menu("MEN")end

Stops executions.


Declares functions fi corresponding to the boxes named ci as to be performed at each frame.


func("F1;F2..."): functions Fi will be executed at the first call to function fi.
time(t1,t2,...): functions fi will be executed on ti images (1 default).

exec network

exec network(id)

        If neural network id is type near outputs (laws) are computed.
Note: validate network(id) computes outputs but adaptating the network (modifiying the matrix).

exec texture

exec texture(num)validate vol(id)=e

as texture(num)validate exec(e)vol(id)

exec traj

exec traj obj(id)

        Performs the trajectories of objetc id.

See also:

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