Returns the elements of list expr indexed by inc.


1) generate 2,[1,5]; returns (1,3,5)
2) generate 3,[1,12]; returns (1,4,7,10)

generate func

generate func(expr)

        Generates the function of text exp.
generate func "a()\n{\nx=[1,5];$x;\n}\n";
generates the function:
It is then possible to run the function a():
a(); prints: 1.000000 2.000000 3.000000 4.000000 5.000000

generate message


name message

generate message read
generate message var

generate message("w")

Not used in english, because the basic language is english.
Returns the translation of the sentence w from the vocabulary 1 to the vocabulary 2.


Returns the name of the vocabulary file of the current language, here Voc_eng.


Returns the translation of the sentence w from the vocabulary 2 to the vocabulary 1.
These two vocabularies are stored in files voc1 and voc2 declared in the file enva.h
Note: When yes generate is enabled (default):
       $generate message("w");
is eaquvalent to:

generate message read("voc1,voc2")

       Reads files of vocabulariesvoc1 and voc2 that are used by the automatic translation of demos.
For example: Voc_eng and Voc_fra translate characteristic phrases of demos written in English in French sentences.

generate message var("var1,var2")

       variables var1 and var2 (character type) are used by the command generate message.

1) yes generate allows automatically translate all strings.
2) status generate(-1) inhibites all translation (useful for example in a command such as: system("copy file1 file2") to not translate the word copy into copie, if those 2 words appear in files Voc_eng and Voc_fra).
3) edit generate publishes couples of translated sentences from Voc_eng and from Voc_fra.
4) WARNING: must not exit a line containing only command names (else they will be translated and misunderstood by the compiler).

generate name

generate name("nom1.ext1")name("nom2.ext2")inclu("ccc")

Encodes and decodes file nom1.ext1 in nom2.ext2 with code ccc.
Coding extensions are:
     .ext: bytes, with extension coded.
     .sta: shorts.
First example:
     generate name("abc.jpg")name("abc.ext")inclu("ccc");
codes abc.jpg in abc.ext
     generate name("abc.ext")name("def")inclu("ccc");
decodes abc.ext in def.jpg
Second example:
     generate name("abc.jpg")name("abc.sta")inclu("ccc");
codes abc.jpg in abc.ext
     generate name("abc.sta")name("def.jpg")inclu("ccc");
decodes abc.sta in def.jpg

generate var

Resets the statics of all functions.

generate var func("f")

Resets the statics of a function f.

generate var("v")func("f")

Resets the static varaible v of the function f.