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We define populations of individuals whose Darwinian evolution is simulated by genetic algorithms.


        Createsthe object idgenetic.

alphabet genetic(id)="ABC..."

        Creates an alphabet "ABC...". By default aphabet is reduced to réduit a "01".

particle(0) genetic(id)="c1c2.."

        Creates an individual by the data of a word composed of characters of the alphabet.

generate alea particle(n,t) genetic(id)

        Creates (reproducibly) n random individuals of size t.

generate rand particle(n,t) genetic(id)

        Creates (no reproducibly) n random individuals of size t.

func genetic(id)="f"

        Defines the function f (anyflo written language) as evaluation function of the form::
return(évaluation de p);

avec p = particle numéro n.

func genetic(id)=num

        Defines an evaluation function written in C (num is a case of the form: func_genetic_utilisateur() of file ../anyflo/utilb.c).

meta alea genetic(id)=p1,p2

Defines propabilitÚs reproducible:
        p1 = probability of crossover (0.75 by default).
        mutation probability p2 = (.01 default).

meta rand genetic(id)=p1,p2

Defines propabilitÚs no reproducible crossover and mutation..

generate(n) genetic(id)

regenerates n times the population id by selection, crossover and mutations, focusing on individuals whose evaluations are maxima.


Returns the evaluation of the particle number p of genetics id.

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