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lattice envelope vol

lattice envelope vol(id)

        Returns the lattice coefficients of the envelope of volume id.

lattice envelope vol(id)=num,c,z

        Changes these coefficients.

lattice fac vol

lattice fac(f) vol(id)

        Returns the lattices of facet f of volume id.

lattice fac(f) vol(id)=t,c,z,ext,coe,flag,atten

        Changes these parameters.
t=number of the volume replacing each chaque side of the facet.
z=multiplier along the edge.
ext,coe,flag=extension curve coefficient.
atten=attenuation coefficient of the thickness of the lattice.

lattice vol

lattice vol(id)

        Returns the lattice of volume id.

lattice vol(id)=t,c,z,ext,coe,atten

        Changes this lattice.
1) If volume numbert t is build in a bounding cube of side 256 and if si z==1, the lattice will adjuste exactly to the length of the edge.
2) In the case of a lattice facet, if atten = 0, this coefficient will be set to 1 by default. If close fac(f) vol(id)=0, the facet will not be closed (closed by default).
3) It is necessary to do yes lattice to activate the lattices.
4) To assign multiple lattice to one facet or to a unique volume, the volume must be duplicated with a single lattice.

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