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line dim

line dim(d)

       The lines drawn have d pixels wide (default is 1).

line format


       Returns the line L which are vectors of dimension n.
L=0,0,0, 100,0,0, 100,100,0;edit(line(L)format(2))format(2); prints:
       0 0
       100 0
       100 100
L=0,0, 100,0, 100,100;edit(line(L)format(3)); imprime:
       0 0 0
       100 0 0
       100 100 0

line limit


       Returns the line limited to the box LIM.
Requires: dim(LL) = (dim(LIM))/2, for example:
If LIM=X1,X2, then LL = (x1,x2, ...)
If LIM=X1,Y1,X2,Y2, then LL = (x1,y1, x2,y2, ...)
If LIM=X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Y2,Z2, then LL = (x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2 ...)

line light

line light(id)

       Returns the line of light id.

line light(id)=x1,y1,0,x2,y2,0,...

       Changes this line.
1) Ligne (x1,y1,0,x2,y2,0,...) defines the contour of spot id
2) This line, defined in the xy plane, will be reduced in the plane perpendicular to LF on F (L = light poi (num), F = aim light (num)) and limit the cone of light from P.
3) More, If the spot has a law, illumination will vary depending on the law inside the line.
4) The orientation of the line relative to PF can be defined by roll light.

line vol

line vol(id)

       Returns the coefficients of apparent contour volume id.

line vol(id)=t,c,z

       Changes these coefficients
1) When displaying the apparent contours volumes assigned coefficients line (t, c, z) will be displayed with the lattice):( t, c, z):
2) By default if c = 0 , c = 5
3) By default if z = 0, z = 1
4) To make apparent contours active, do: no behind, yes illum, yes line et yes lattice

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