vertex      vol

mass image

mass image(id)

        Returns the mass of image id.

mass image(id)=m

        Assigns this mass.
Image id must be of dynamic type and yes dynamic must be active.

mass network

mass(n1,n2) network(id)

        Returns the weight of the de connexion between the neurons n1 et n2 of the neuronal network id.

mass(n1,n2) network(id)=p

        Assigns this weight.
        1) matrix network(num): defines the matrix of the synatic weights of all pairs of neurons, the weight of the pair (i,j) is mat[i-1,j-1].
        2) generate mass network(num): randomly initializes the weights.

mass vertex

mass vertex(s)vol(id)

        Returns the mass of vertex number s of volume id.

mass vertex(s) vol(id)=m

        Assigns this mass.

mass vol

mass vol(id)

        Returns the mass of volume id.

mass vol(id)=m

        Assigns this mass.

Notes: To automaticaly generate a dynamic animation, must be:
        1) have assigned masses to volumes or to vertices.
        2) Have activated the command yes dynamic.
        3) You can also give initial velocities to volume or to its vertices.
        4) mass vol(id)=m: ives mass m to all the vertices of the volume id.
        5) Forces must have been defined.