fac fac
fac vertex
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near fac fac

near fac fac(f)vol(id)

        Returns the number of adjacent facets of the facet f volume id.

near fac vertex(s)vol(id)

        Returns the number of facets of the volume id containing the vertex s.

near frac

near frac vol(id)

Returns the triplets {(nij,ni,nj)}
       nf,nb,0: nf=number of the vertex of the fractal, nb = number of the vertex of the base.
       nij,ni,nj: nij=number of the vertex of fractal, which is middle of the fractal vertices ni and nj.

near image

near image(id)

Cellular automaton on the image id with matrix:
        1 1 1
        1 0 1
        1 0 1

alea(p): reproductible random of probability a (0: never, 1: always).
dup: the algorithm works on a copy of the image (default).
matrix(m00,m01,m02, m10,m11,m12, m20,m21,m22) default is 1,1,1, 1,0,1, 1,1,1).
number(n1,n2) (2, 3 default):
        a cell with n2 active neighbours becomes active
        a cell with less than n1 or more than n2 active neighbours becomes inactive
rand(p): not reproductible random of probability a (0: never, 1: always).

near image(id)=n

the process near image(id) will be applied during n displays of the image id.

near line

near line(L0)line(L1)

Returns the nearest vector of line L1 from vector L0.
max: the farest.
$near line(1,2,3)line(1.1,2.2,3.3, 2,4,6);
returs 1.1,2.2,3.3
$near line(1,2,3)line(1.1,2.2,3.3, 2,4,6)max;
returs 2,4,6

near vertex vertex

near vertex vertex(s)vol(id)

        Returns numbers of the vertices of volume id which are adjacent to vertex s.

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