rotation around axis

Like all linear transformations that command is in 2 modes: direct and matrix.

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rota obj


        Rotates the object id angle an about the axis (dx, dy, dz) passing through its center of gravity.

rota(an)axis(dx,dy,dz)poi(x,y,z) obj(id)

        Rotates angle an object id about the axis (dx,dy,dz) passing through (x,y,z).


        Rotates vertices s angle an of the object id around axis (dx,dy,dz) passing through its center of gravity.

rota axis(dx,dy,dz) object(id)

        Brings the local y-axis of the object id on axis (dx, dy, dz).
        object is fog, light, var, vol, view.
        rota(PI/4)axis(1,1,1)poi(100,-20,50) vertex[1,5] vol(1,3); rotates vertices (1,2,3,4,5) of volumes 1 and 3 angle PI/4 around axis (1,1,1) passing through point (100,-20,50).
        rota(PI/4)axis(1,1,1)var("x"); rotates variable x angle PI/4 around axis (1,1,1) passing through its center of gravity.


Varies rota matrix vol(a) in the interval [a1,a2] when rota matrix vol(b) varies in the interval [b1,b2].
Can be used to attach a rota changes volume ato those of his father b.
Note: rota(b1,b2) may be any other transformation transf(b1,b2).

rota matrix

rota matrix vol(id)

        Returns the angle of rotation about its axis of the matrix volume id.
format(f): modulo f.

rota(a)matrix vol(id)

        Rotates the volume id angle a around its axix by changing its matrix.
ini: processes the basic transformation.

rota quat


        Returns the point p2 trandformed of p1 by the rotation axis (x,y,z) and angle an.

rota quat

rota quat(q)

        Returns (a,xr,yr,zr) rotation angle -PI<=a<=PI and axis (xr,yr,zr) corresponding to the quaternion q=w,x,y,z

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