rotation around y axis

Like all linear transformations that command is in 2 modes: direct and matrix.

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roty obj


        Rotates the object id angle an around y ayis versus its center of gravity.

roty(an) vertex(s) obj(id)

        Rotates vertices s of the object id angle an around y axis versus its center of gravity.

roty(an) poi(x,y,z) obj(id)

       Rotates the object id angle an around tth y axis versus point (x,y,z).
objt is fog, light, var, vol, view.
roty(PI/2) poi(100,-20,50) vertex[1,5] vol(1,3); y rotates vertices (1,2,3,4,5) of volumes 1 et 3 angle PI/2around point (100,-20,50).
roty(PI/2) var("x"); y rotates variable x angle PI/2 around its center of gravity.
roty(.1*PI) eye view(1); angle .1*PI around y axis the eys of the view 1.


Varies roty matrix vol(a) in the interval [a1,a2] when roty matrix vol(b) varies in the interval [b1,b2].
May be used to attach roty variations of volume a to those of its father b.
Note: roty(b1,b2) can be any other transformation transf(b1,b2).

roty image

roty(an) image(id)

        Makes identic first ligne and last ligne of the image id.
1) an is ethe portion of the image (between 0 and PI) affected by this operation.
2) Blur appears in this portion.
3) Useful for mapping an image on a closed surface in y.
4) If identifier id is absent, the current image by default.
roty(.1*PI) image(1); makes periodic the image by changing one tenth of its surface.

rotx matrix

roty matrix vol(id)

        Returns the angle of rotation about y of the matrix of the volume id.
format(f): modulo f.

roty(a)matrix vol(id)

        Rotates angle a around y the volume id by changing its matrix.
ini: the transformation is the basic.

roty view

roty(an)eye view(id)

        Rotates the eye of the view id angle an around y axis.

roty(an)aim view(id)

        Rotates the aim point of the view id angle an around y axis.
validate(0): rotationfrom the initial position.

See also:

attach roty vol
traj roty