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Anyflo is not a ray tracing, but provides a simple shadow algorithme on planar facets which must be used only for very light data bases.
In order to optimize the calculations define the lights illumating the volume id:
        shadow light vol(id)=l1,l2,....
To activate the shadows yes shadow is required.

shadow col

shadow col vol(id)

        Returns the color r,g,b of the shadow of volume id.

shadow col vol(id)=r,g,b

        Defines this color.

shadow dist

shadow dist vol(id)

        Returns the distance of the shadow on the surface.

shadow dist vol(id)=d

        Defines this distance (default 0.1).

shadow light

shadow light vol(id1)

        Returns the identifier of the light illumating volume id1.

shadow light vol(id1)=id2

        Assignes this identifier.

shadow number vol

shadow number vol(id1)

        Returns the number of the volume build as shadow of volume id1.

shadow number vol(id1)=id2

        Changes this number (default is (number of volume id1)+1.

shadow poi

Simple algorythm for infinite plane.

shadow poi vol(id)

        Returns x,y,z, nx,ny,nz, d,num2 defining the plane passing through point (x,y,z), the normal vector (nx,ny,nz), the distance d from the plane and the number num of the volume generated.

shadow poi vol(id1)=x,y,z,nx,ny,nz, d

        Defines this plane.
builds the volume shadow number vol(id) (-id1 default) as the shadow on the plane of volume id1 displaced of d (0 default).
shadow col vol(id1)=r,g,b assignes a color to volume id2.
shadow illum vol(id1)=illum,ref,spe,bri,transp assignes an illumination to volume id2.
type light must be aim (default).

shadow vol

shadow vol vol(id1)

        Returns identifier of volume to which the volume id1 refers shadow.

shadow vol vol(id1)=id2

        Changes this identifier.

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