dilatation en y

Like all linear transformations that command is in 2 modes: direct and matrix.


dily obj

dily(c) obj(id)

        Y dilates the object of (c) with respect to its center of gravity.
poi(x,y,z): with respect to point (x,y,z).
vertex(s): vertex s.
1) dily(1.5) vertex[1,5] vol(1,3); y dilates vertices (1,2,3,4,5) of volumes 1 and by (1.5) with respect to point (100,100,200).
2) dily(2) var("w")poi(100,100,200); y dilates variable named w by (2) with respect to point(100,100,200).
3) dily(.5) eye view(1): y dilate by .5 the eye of view(1) with respect to origin.

dily matrix

dily matrix vol(id)

        Returns the y expansion coefficient of the matrix of volume id.

dily(c)matrix vol(id)

        Y expands the volume id by modifying its matrix.
ini: addresses the basic processing.