history of line commands

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A history of the command line from the keyboard is kept if yes history is active (default). The maximum number of lines stored is 100 (modified by dim history(n)).



       Edits numbered command lines since the program's inception or last command ini history


        Enters the editor command for command numbered num.
        New line: Edits this command.
        f: runs this command.
        c/chaine1/chaine2: Replaces chaine1 by chaine2.
        See edit for other commands.
1) history(0): Edits last command.
2) exec(num): runs command numbered num.
3) exec(0): runs the last command.

Examples of use

essai(); reads and runs function essai().
type the escape character (returns to keybord).
ini func;exec 1; removes all functions, reads and runs function essai().
Type the escape character (returns to keyboard).
history; prints:
1         essai()
2         ini func;exec 1;
Type exec 2: executes second line of history, i.e.
       ini func;exec 1;

finally as:
       ini func;

Which will allow change the function test () in between.

See also:

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