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ini alea

ini alea

       Regenerates the random table with the current dimension (change in envb.h)

ini alea(n)

        Refreshes the random table with n random floating between 0.0 and 1.0

ini attach

       Resets the attach flag. Can be invoked in case of error on attach displ ....

ini audio

audio ini(n)

        Opens a window with audio analysis of 2^n bytes (n=8 by default).
This frequency can be retrieved by dim audio.
abs: DirectX resets all audio buffers which are destroyed (eg audio read command returns numbers from 0).
limit(l1,l2): law and high pass filter (between 0.0 and 1.0).
rand(r): extract relevant information from a noisy signal (r between 0.0 and 1.0, r=0.25 is a good value).
rand(r,c): the amplitude of the signal is multiplied by c (between 0.0 and 1.0, 0.5 is a good value).
rand(r,c,e): the amplitude of the signal is raised to the power e (1 by default).
Note: ini audio does not remove all objects type audio, to do so: rem audio.

ini col

       Restores the current color to its default value (1,1,1).

ini cut

       Initializes cut to its default value (10.32000) changed the command 'cut' in file komb.h

ini foc

       Initializes the focus of the current view to its default value (1) value changed to the command 'foc' in file komb.h

ini back

       Restores the background color to its default value (0,0,0.75) editable commande ´back´ of file komb.h

ini font

ini font

       Initializes the fonte to the default 9_BY_15 and renitialises dimensions of all the fonts to their default values.

ini font("fff")

       Resets the size of the font "fff" to their default values.

ini aim

       Initializes the aim direction of current view to its default value (0,0,0) position changed at the command ´aim´ du fichier komb.h

ini graphic

       Redefines the number one single window full screen
Note: can be utlise if display bug.

ini interaction

       Equivalent to:
interaction animate(0)
interaction screen(1)
interaction write(0)

ini light

       Deletes all lights and creates default light number 1 (white and located -750, -500, -1000 (editable to command 'poi' in file komb.h)

ini lut

       Initializes linearly the lutlook up table.

ini matrix

ini matrix vol(id)

       Resets the matrice of volume id.

ini menu

       Destroys all menus. It is advisable to call this command before any description of a menu.

ini message

       Deletes all messages.

ini obj

       Deletes all objets type obj.
ini fog: deletes all fogs.
ini field: deletes all fields.
ini scale: deletes all genetics.
ini image: deletes all images.
ini law: deletes all lois.
ini light: deletes all lights and creates light 1 ny default.
ini memory: deletes all memories.
ini menu: deletes all menus.
ini message: deletes all messages.
ini object: deletes all objects.
ini brush: deletes all brushes.
ini network: deletes all neural networks.
ini vol: deletes all volumes.
ini view: deletes all views and creates view 1 by defaultt.

ini eye

       Initializes the eye of the current view to its default value (0.0, -1000) change to the command 'eye' of file komb.h

ini device

ini("FIC") name("fic") device(id)

        The driver is named fic and writes a file fic.dat

ini("MEM") name("nnn") device(id)

        Mémoire partagée id de nom nnn.

ini("COM") name("COMn") device(id)

        Serial port n.

ini("SOC") name("host") device(id) [time(w)] [char] [float]

        Socket on the host machine running a server.
w: waiting loop.
char: character mode (default).
float: float mode (the string passed by the socket is decoded floating).
See also:
edit device
end device

ini roll

       Initializes roll of the current view to its default value (0) change the command ´roll´ in file komb.h

ini mouse

       Must be invoked once before a series of mouse dist(d), and before dynamic capture (initialization clock).

ini stock

       Deletes all stock.

ini system

Initializes the list stacking commands.
1) Do only if bug.
2) edit system allows viewing the commands stack.

ini type

       Deletes all types dynamiques.

ini see

        switches yes see and reinitialises the default parameters of see.

ini view

        Deletes all views and creates default view number 1.

ini view(id)

       Initializes the view id to default.
Note:: if the view id does not exist, it is created.

ini zbuf

        Initializes the z buffer according displ:
displ = 1: OpenGL, makes a plane glClear depths.
displ = 2: soft display according zbuf
       zbuf=1: 16 bits.
       zbuf=2: 32 bits.

See also:

ini ini
ini no
ini yes