What the tools are ?

Functions outil_nnn() are tools, written in anyflo language, related to one or several commands.
outil_nnn(): gives the help..
outil_nnn_exmp(): realizes an example.
outil_nnn(parameters list): runs.
They are directly callable by: outil_nnn(...).
They realize actions fitted for a particular application.
They can be extended without limit.
They are located in the environment folder.
They are to be written as exercises.


         Files of the form: xxx.func whose the first function is xxx()
         The xxx() call is interactif.
They automaticaly run when launching the program by xxx.js:
function f()
var WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
WshShell.Run("anyflo.exe env=env lan=\"xxx()\" win=ful");

         anyflo lan=xxx(p1,p2,...): to run function xxx.fon with parameters p1, p2, ...

Independant tools

         These are programs (located in the environment folder) dealing with databases anyflo.