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Objects of type message can display quickly and automatically written texts in advance with certain characteristics (textual content, color, rectangle, frame, make, life, flashing).
By default, a message id is active, to inhibit to: validate message (id) = 0, then validate message (id) = 1 to enable it. validate message(id)=0, then validate message(id)=1 to reactivate it. By default it will be displayed (top left corner) in (0.0), to change this to: poi message(id)=x,y.
All messages may be destroyed by: ini message.

Message simple


       Initializes the empty message identifier id.
Should be done only once or to change the content of the message, he must assign properties (either creating or modifying it later).
abs: the message is displayed even if no message.
col(r,g,b) : color (r, v, b) (white by default).
font("fff"): in font "fff".
frame(rf,gf,bf) : displays framee of color (rf, gf, bf) (white default).
mouse(s): if s > 0: inhibits the message when it is clicked.
period(per,dur): flashes the message (alternating colors (rr, vr, br) and (r,g,b) with period per/25 images, (by default: per=0: no flashing message) during dur images (by default: dur=0: permanent message). It is necessary that options col(r,g,b) and rectangle(rr,gr,br) present.
poi(x,y): displays (top left corner) n (x,y) (0,0 default).
rectangle(rr,gr,br) : displays rectangle of color (rr, gr, br) (black default).
text("..."): text of the message.
time(t): repates every t images.
validate(v): v=0 inhibits the message id, v=1 reactivates it (default).
Flashes the message "mes" 6 times with a period of 1 second, alternating red and green, with a yellow frame.


frame message(id): returns the frame color (rf,gf,bf).
frame message(id)=rc,vc,bc: changes this color.
col message(id): returns text color (r,g,b).
col message(id)=r,g,b: changes this color.
font message(id): returns the font text.
font message(id)="fff": changes this font.
period message(id): returns per,dur avec:
       per = period.
       dur = duration.
period message(id)=per,dur: changes.
poi message(id): returns the position (x,y) of the top left corner of message id.
poi message(id)=x,y: changes this position.
rectangle message(id): returns the rectangle color (rr,vr,br).
rectangle message(id)=rr,vr,br: changes this color.
validate message(id): returns the validation.
validate message(id)=v: v<=0 (inhibé), v=1 (active default).
Note: no message hides all messages.

scrolling message

message(id)text("text1")text("text2") ... text("textn")time(t1,t2,...,tn)

       Initializes the message id to n messages "text1", "text2", ..., "textn" displayed for each t1, t2, ..., tn images, with the same options as a simple message.


propr message(id)=p

       Changes the propr property of message id.
poi message(1)=100,200; the message id will be displayed in (100,200).

message move


       Sets the message id of text "ttt" to be displaceable by the mouse, to make only once, validate message(id)=v to inhibit (v = 0) or enabled (v = 1).
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message vol

message vol(id)

Returnes the message associated to the volume id.

message vol(id)="mmm"

Changes this message.
the message "mmm" will be displayed at the first point of volume id (0,0,0 default) in a frame (or in a rectangle if yes illum is active) color back message vol(id) (black defautl), the color of the message is col message vol(id) (white default), the font is font vol(id) (current font default) and with a frame color col frame vol(id).

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