Neurons of a neural network are automatically generated in the definition thereof.
The weight of the connection from neuron n1 to neuron n2of network i isd:
        mass(n1,n2) network(id)
A neurons layer nc is defined by:
        fac(nc) network(id);
By default all neurons have the same transfer function which is that of the network id defined by:
        func network(r)=f,k
To define a transfert function on neuron n:
        func neuron(n)network(r)=f,k


        Returns the output of neuron number n of network id.
error: returns the error.
input: returns the input.
f=fac(1)network(1);neuron(f)input network(1); returns the neurons inputs of the input layer of network 1, ie the network input.
nf=NF network(1);f=fac(nf)network(1);neuron(f)network(1); returns the neurons outputs of the output layer of network ie the network output.