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Developing an application
To know more


To download anyflo.


Acces to anyflo help

Click on:
Click on Access to Anyflo Help
     gives the anyflo local help installed on this machine, all links will not be active.
Click on Help on the Web
     gives the anyflo help on the Web, requires an internet connexion, all links will be active.


Click on: demo0_*.js:
     launches the interpreter demos (language), end write exit after the ?.
     launches the anyflo demo (graphic), ends clicking on menu exit (or press key q).
Note: click in the graphic window and write !exit exits anyway.
others *.js:
     launche others examples.

Developping an application

Anyflo is not a dedicated software but a language (near C) to build interactive applications through programs.
To learn about this language a good method is to start from a provided example (sources are files *. func of folder env):
1) copy in file vide.func.
2) Rename the first function in vide()
3) change the code.
4) click on vide.js, which has the effect of read, compile, link and execute file env/vide.func.
5) In case of error consult the relevant sections of help.

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