flag for invalidating a command

alea      ambiance      anc      attach      audio
box      behind      brush
clip      close      collision      cut
depth      displ      dynamic
envelope      ext
fog      field      follow      force      frac
generate      graphic
heritage      hole
illum      image      interaction
lead      light      line      local
matrix      menu      message      meta      motif      mouse
palette      particle      pers      pull
radius      reanc
scale      screen      see      segment      shadow      simple      speed      sphere      stock
texture      text      traj      transp      lattice
vertex      view
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no depth

Inhibits the depth-cueing (default).

no displ


no alea

Inhibits the random deformation of the volumes curve extension.

no ambiance

Inhibits the ambiante light (default).

no anc

Inhibits the anchors calculation (default).

no behind

Behind facets are not displayed.

no attach

Inhibits the ´attach ... vol´ properties (default).

no box

Volumes are shown in full (default) instead of their boxes.

no audio

inhibits the reading of the audio in interaction mode (default).

no fog

Inhibits the fogs (default).

no field

Inhibits the fields (default).

no clip

Inhibits the volumes clipping.

no illum

Inhibits the illumination calculation (default).

no collision

Inhibits the collision detection (default).

no cut

Inhibits the volumes cut.

no dynamic

Inhibits the dynamic module (default).

no scale

Hides the scales.

no screen

In interaction mode, the screen will not be cleared.

no envelope

Inhibits the geometric envelope calculations as well as the audio envelope calculations (default).

no ext

Inhibits the extension calculation (default).

no close

Contours remain open in wireframe (no illum).

no lattice

Inhibits the lattices.

no follow

Inhibits the propagation of the law speed rota form one volume to its followers (default).

no force

The forces are not reseted to zero.

no frac

Inhibits the fractal calculation (default).

no generate

Inhibits the automatic strings translation.

no graphic

Inhibits the graphic mode.

no heritage

Inhibits the recognition of inheritance.

no interaction

To exit interaction´ mode.

no image

Inhibits the traj image, the dynamique of the images et their displaying according to theirs properties.

no lead

Inhibits the propagation of the law speed rota form one volume to its leader.

no light

Inhibits the automatic calculation of the roll according to the focal (default).

no line

Inhibits the design of apparent contours (default).

no local

Inhibits the local functions (default).

no texture

Inhibits the textures calculation (default).

no matrix

Do not execute matrices for followers.
Note: yes matrix saves computation time (when you are sure that the followers not use matrices).saves computation time (when you are sure that the followers not use matrices).

no menu

Hides the menus. Equivalent to validate menu=0.

no message

Hides the messages.

no meta

Inhibits the meta transf (default).

no motif

Inhibits the motifs calculations (default).

no normal

Inhibits the calculation of the normals (at vertices) to each display (default).

no shadow

Inhibits the shadows (default).

no palette

Inhibits the palette.

no particle

Inhibits the particles calculations (default).

no pers

Activate the cylindric perspective.

no brush

Inhibts the brushes (default).

no pull

Inhibits the pcking mode (default).

no radius

Inhibits the curvature calculations (default).

no reanc

Inhibits the automatic reanchorage (command reanc vol), by default).

no segment

The segments in real time are not computed (default).

no simple

The displays are not simplified (default).

no vertex

Inhibits the vol vertex calculations (default).

no mouse

Hides the mouse.

no sphere

Inhibits the sphere vertex vol properties (default).

no stock

Inhibits the stock (default).

no text

Hides the texts, see text abs to display a text in this mode.

no traj

Does not take into account the trajectories.

no transp

Inhibits transparencies (default).

no lattice

Inhibits the lattices (default).

no sort

Inhibits the audio signal fft calculation (default).

no hole

Entry points of a hole is in the frame linked to the facet, at the invocation of the end the contour will not be mapped back automatically in the plane of the facet, must do yes hole to do that).

no speed

Dynamic animation, when a change of a volume, its vertices speed are not recalculated.

no vol

Inhibits the vol vertex and vol vol properties.

no see

Reverts to default printer in the text window.

no view

Only calculates the perspective of the scene as a single point of view and disregarding procedural perspectives.

no zbuf

Inhibits the zbuffer.

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