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read obj

read obj(id)name("nnn")

Reads file nnn.ext in objetc id type obj:

read name("nnn.ext")[sort]

        Reads the objects described in the file nnn.ext overwriting any other objects of the same indicator.
ext depends on the type of the objects.
If sort is present, objects are renumbered in the order they are read.

read memory(id)format("anyflo")name("nnn")

Reads file nnn anyflo formated in memory id;

read audio

read audio name("nnn")

        Opens file nnn in read mode, returns -1 if error.


        Returns n current values read from file nnn, and NIL if end of file.
number(num): reads n values numbers [num,num+n-1], num must been < file size.
format(ff): set datas type:
        "char": characteres string
        "long": long
        "float": float (default)


        Returns ncurrent values from file nnn, and NIL if end of file.
See also:
end write audio to close the file.
write audio

read audio(id)name("NNN.wav")

Reads audio file nnn.wav in objetc id type audio with properties:
audio: containt of file nnn.wav.
max: list of amplitudes each 1/25 second.

read directory

read directory("dir"

        Returns the names of files in dir.
name("eee"): only file eee
read directory("ima")name("*.bmp");
or: read directory("ima")format("bmp");
Returns the list of all files extension bmp from directory ima.

read displ

read displ "nnn"

        Reads the ASCII file nnn.displ of light-vol-view written by write displ

read alea

read alea "nnn"

        Reads the random file nnn.alea.

read ascii

read ascii vol "nnn"

        Reads the volumes file nnn.ascii.vol ASCII coded according to the format described in file manuel.format.htm of the environment folder.

read fog

read fog "nnn"

        Reads the fogs file nnn.fog

read format

read format vol

read format("Z") vol("nnn")
        Reads the compressed filr nnn.vol.Z by write format(1) vol("nnn")
read format("hrc") vol("nnn") (obsolète)
        Reads the volumes file /MODELS/nnn.1-0.hrc SOFTIMAGE format.
1) Only volumes of type mesh are processed
2) Coordnates are multiplied by 50, they will be divided by 50 when a formated writing.
read format("hrc") vol("nnn") coe(c)
        Allows specify the multiplier coefficient.
3) The datas base directory is ima.
4) defaul is 1, in order to specify this value:
read format("hrc") vol("nnn")ext(number_version)
directory "ima"="/usr/people/jules/Database_jules"

read format light

read format("lig") light("nnn")

        Reads the /MODELS/name.1-0.lig SOFTIMAGE formated file.
1) Tne coordinates are multiplied by 50, they will be divided by 50 with a write format("dsc") secen name("nnn")´
read format("lif") lun("nnn") coe(c)
        Allows specify the multiplier coefficient.
2) The datas base directory is "ima"
3) By default version is 1, for specify this value:
read format("lig") light("nnn")ext(number_version)

read graphic

read graphic("nnn")

        Lit le fichier d´images name write par write graphic Pour jouer see play graphic

read image name


read image name("nnn.eee")

Returns the size (nx,ny,nz) of image name nnn.eee

read image (id)name("nnn.eee")

Reads the file image nnn.ext in image id
abs: alows to read an image whose name contains a space.
coe(c): image size *= c.
dim(nx,ny): changes the image sizes in (nx,ny).
ini(0): does nor reads an existing image.
name("name1;name2 ..."): reads files image nnni.ext in the the successive bitmaps of the 3D image id.
name("name.ext")number("4D",num,nb): reads the files image namei.ext (with i in [num,num+nb-1]) in successives bitmaps of the 3D image id.
normal: coordinates display normalized.
NP(ind): adds ind to num.
number(num): concates num to the name.
number("nD",num): concates num coded with b digits to the name.
poi(x,y): botom left corner (x,y) (screen botom left corner by default).

read image bitmap

read image(id)name("nnn.ima")bitmap(num)
Reads bitmap num of
3D image nnn.ima in image id and returns secz image id.
dim(nx,ny): resizing to (nx,ny).

read image(id)name("nnn.eee")number(im,nb)bitmap
Reads images nnn[im,im+nb-1].eee in the the successive bitmaps of the 3D image id.
dim(nx,ny): changes the image sizes in (nx,ny).
directory("dir"): from directory dir.

read image(id)directory("dir")bitmap
Reads all images of directory dir in the the successive bitmaps of image id.

read image(id)name("nnn.eee")number(im,nb)bitmap
Reads images nnn[im,im+nb-1].eee in the the successive bitmaps of the 3D image id.

read image(id)number(im,nb)bitmap
Copies images [im,im+nb-1] (must exist) in the the successive bitmaps of the 3D image id.

read image(1)name("../../bmp:A.bmp")number("4D",700)NP(100);
Reads the image file ../../A0700.bmp in image 1.

Note: It is possible that the message name_image.bmp already exists, overwrite it? [Y / n] appears in the text, while the program is waiting for a response: focus on the window and type y.

read image(id)name("nnn.raw")line(n,nb)

Reads nb lines of file nnn.raw (non compressed anyflo image format) from line n and returns the number of the next line to read, can be used for read images in pieces.
generate: if the image is a texture mapping.

read image(id)name("nnn.ima")cut(n)

        Initiates process of reading a 3D image name nnn.ima in image id, returnes nz = number of layers of this image. Every frame n bytes are read.
interaction must has been done.
Usually n = 4 * nx * ny = size of a layer.

read image(num)directory("dir")

        Reads every images of directory ddd in images num,num+1, ... and returns the number of the last image.
ext=eee: only files name nnn.eee.

read image("nnn") ext("eee")format(f)number(num)interpol(im1,im2,di)

        Reads images name nnn.eee numbers im1 to im2 according to format f calculating di interpolated images, the images are stored from the number num.

read image("A") ext("jpg")format(f)number(100)interpol(1,4,6)
        Reads images A0001.jpg, A0002.jpg, A0003.jpg and A0004.jpg which are stored in 100, 105, 110 et 115.
Images 100 and 105 are interpolated in 101, 102, 103 et 104.
Images 105 and 110 are interpolated in 106, 107, 108 et 109.
Images 110 and 115 are interpolated in 111, 112, 113 et 114.
Useful to animate textures: just do for example, ecah image:
interaction texture vol(1)=m
with m = num + c * 15
with c as a parameter varying between 0 and 1 (for example the normalized module of a sensor).

read image name("nnn.eee")network(id)

Reads image nnn.eee, relizes a convolution to the dimensions of a motif of the network id, transmits the result res to validate motif(res)network(id) and returns the output (the size of a law).

read image(num1,num2)name("nnn.eee")network(id)

Reads image nnn.eee, relizes a convolution to the dimensions of a motif of the network id in image num1, transmits the result res to validate motif(res)network(id) and returns the output (the size of a law) in image num2.

read image name("n1 n2 ... nn")network(id)dim(nx,ny)

Reads images names n1 n2 ... nn in neural network id resizing (nx,ny).
inv: y symetrize images.
motif in motifs.
law in laws.
motif law in motifs and laws.
format("L")network(id): image(rgba) -> motif(a)network(id) (default value).
format("R")network(id): image(rgba) -> motif(r)network(id).
format("V")network(id): image(rgba) -> motif(v)network(id).
format("B")network(id): image(rgba) -> motif(b)network(id).

read image(id)name("nnn.ext") win(x,y)

        Reads the image file nnn.ext the file nnn.ext in (x,y).

read memory

read memory obj(id) name("x")

        Reads file x in memory of object id type obj
1) obj is: ´cin´, ´fog´, ´light´, ´traj´, ´vol´, ´view´
2) only one number can be read

read matrix

The commande read matrix can be extended to motifs and laws of a neural network:
read("MOT)matrix motif network(id);
       Loads the matrices file MOT in the motifs of the network id.
read("LOI)matrix law network(id);
       Loads the matrices file LOI in the laws of the network id.
read("ML)matrix motif law network(id);
       Loads the same matrices files MM in the motifs and in the laws of the network id.
Returns the read floats list and NIL if error:
Constraints: each file must consist of matrices of same dimensions as dimensions of motifs and laws (nx=columns number, ny=lines number).
dim matrix returns nb,nx,ny with:
       nb = read matrices number.
       nx,ny = common dimensions of matrices.

read menu

read menu("nnn")

       Loads the file as menus.

read meta

Automatic editing.

meta add
meta image
meta image NP
meta image image
meta image directory
meta directory
meta directory directory

read meta add

Builds dir3=dir1,dir2 by interpolating the last np images of dir1 with the first np images of dir2.
Note: dir1 must be different from dir3.

read meta

Copies image ima1.ee1 into ima2[num].ee2 and returns num+1.

read meta

ima1.ee1 into ima2[num,num+np-1].ee2 and returns num+np.

read meta

Builds images ima3[num,num+np-1].ee3 interpolation from ima1.eee to ima2.eee into and returns num+np.

read meta

Interpolates image ima1.ee1 with all files of directory dir, writes the results as ima3[num,num+n-1].ee3 and returna num+n (n=numbers of the directory files).

read meta

Copies all files of directory dir into ima[num,num+n-1].eee with n=files' number directory and returns num+n.

read meta

Adds directories dir1 and dir2 in ima.eee:
interpol(np) np last images of dir1 with np first images of dir2
copy the others images of dir2.


add: connecting to directory dir (interpolating dir1[nb_np,nb] to dir2[1,np]).
back(r,g,b): np last images -> (r,g,b) (black default).
ext("eee"): only files *.eee.
NP(n): builds files ima[num,num+n-1].eee and returns num+n.
number("4D",num): number coded on 4 digits.


read meta image("ima1.bmp")image("title.jpg")image("ima2.bmp")
       back ext("jpg") write("../../bmp3/BUG.bmp")number("4D",1)NP(50);

Realizes a complete video editing:
       interpolating image ima1.bmp to image title.jpg in 2 seconds
       interpolating image title.jpg to image ima2.bmp in 2 seconds
       interpolating image ima2.bmp to directory ../../bmp1 in 2 seconds
       interpolating directory ../../bmp1 to directory ../../bmp2
       and fadink to black in 2 seconds.
The results are written as files "../../bmp3/BUG[0001,...].bmp"

read poi

read poi format name number

read poi(n1,n2) format(f) name("fic")

        Returns the coordinates of the point numbered [n1,n2] of the file fic.

read poi(n1,n2) format(f) name("fic1") number(num)

        Assigns points numbers [n1, n2] volume number num from the fic file. The file is assumed formatted as follows:
x1 f y1 f z1
x2 f y2 f z2
.... f is a space (dafqult) or a comma.
read poi(n1,n2) format(f) line(num) name("fic")
        Lets start with the line num of file fic.

read poi vol("nnn")

        Replaces the volume points in memory by those of file nnn.vol
See also:
        read format vol

read text

read text "toto"

       Loads the font of name toto.

read write

Image converter
sounds crossfade.
fade in image.
image fade out.
color corrections.
motion blur.
write image inclu: inserting
write interpol images interpolating
write directory interpol sequences interpolating
write image directory interpol: interpolating
write image NP interpol: smoothing
transparency color interpolating
transparency luminance interpolating

Image converter:

read image("rrr.ee1")write image("www.ee2")
        Reads file name (rrr.ee1) and writes it in file name (www.ee2).
        Reads file name (rrrim1.ee1) and writes it in file name (wwwim2.ee2).
read image("*.ee1")write image("*.ee2");
        reads every files *.ee1 and writes them as *.ee2.
read image("X.jpg")write image("Y.bmp");
       Converts X.jpg in Y.bmp
read image("env/*.jpg")write image("*.bmp");
       Converts every file env/*.jpg in *.bmp

Images interpolating


Buils files nn3[num,num+np-1].ee3 from image nn1.ee1 to image nn2.ee2.

    write image("nn3.ee3")number(num3)NP(nb)

Interpolates image file name ("nnn1.ee1") number num1 and image file name ("nnn2.ee2") number num2 saving the nb result in image files name ("nnn3.ee3") number num3.
acc: accelerated
dec: decelerated
directory("dir"): searching files in directoty dir/.
law(x1,y1,0, x2,y2,0, ...): acording to the law.
NP(n): n consecutive files.
number("nD",num): numbers coded on ndigits.
pend: pendular

read image("dir1/A.bmp")number("4D",600) image("dir2/B.bmp")number("4D",1) write image("dir3/C.bmp")number("4D",1)NP(6);
Creates images files named dir3/C0001.bmp, dir3/C0002.bmp, ..., dir3/C0006.bmp interpolated between images dir1/A0600.bmp and dir2/B0700.bmp

sequences interpolation

    directory("dir1 dir2 ...")

Directories diri contain 3D images which are copied in directory dir0 as _n.ima. Images _i_j.ima interpolating images i and j are written in dire0.
sin: sinusoidale interpolation.
Useful for interaction metawith option read.

read write image directory("dir1")concat

motion blur of 2 images on images of directory dir1, using images number 1,2.
coe(c): coefficient c.
coe(c1,c2,...): coefficients c1,c2,....
normal: coefficients normalized.
concat(n): of n images (2 by default).
directory("dir2") writting the results in directory dir2 instead of dir1.
number(num): using images [num+1,num+n].

read image write inclu

read write image write inclu
Inserts name2[rrrr,rrrr+np-1] into name1[wwww+np-1]

center(x,y): mdallion (x et y normalised between 0 and 1, 0.5 by default).
center(x1,y1,0, x2,y2,0, ...): line of medallions (xi and yi normalized between 0 and 1).
name("name3sss.ee3.ee3"): writing the result in name3sss.ee3.ee3 (for testing without testroying name1wwww.ee1).
pend: pendulum on transp(t1,t2,t3).
radius(rx1,ry1, rx2,ry2, ...): radius
transp(t1,t2,...): with transparencies.
var(n,v1,v2): according to adjust, must be two references:
       first fot transparency: var(n,t1,t2, ...)
       second to radius: var(n,rx1,ry1, rx2,ry2, ...)

read write image inclu name("bid0/A1012.jpg")name("bid1/A1010.jpg")NP(12);
Inserts bid1/A[1010,1021].jpg into bid0/A[1012,1023].jpg

read write image inclu name("bid0/A1012.jpg")name("bid1/A1010.jpg") NP(25)center var(12, 1,1)var(12, 0,0, 1,1, 0,0)ext(7,1,1);
same insertion with a pendulum transparency (fade in fade out).

read write image inclu name("bid0/A1012.jpg")name("bid1/A1010.jpg")NP(100) center var(25, 1,1,1)var(n, 0,0, .75,.57, 0,0)ext(7,1,1);
with medallion and transparency, fade in on 25 images, constant on 50 images and fade out on 25 images.

read image directory directory interpol

read image directory("rrr.ee1")write directory("www")interpol(ni)
Adds directoty www to directoty rrr interpolating the ni last images of rrr with the ni first images of www and copying the next images of www in www.
directory("aaa"): writes the result in directory aaa instead of rrr.

write image NP interpol

read image("rrr.ee1")number(num1)write name("www")number(num2)NP(np)interpol(ni)
smoothes the animation rrr[num1,num1+np] and writes the result in www[num2,num2+np] by interpolating every image number n in [n-ni,n+ni].

read image name(rrr)number("4D",1)write name(www)number("4D",1)NP(200)interpol(3);
smoothes the animation rrr[1,200] and writes the result in www[1,200] by interpolating every image number n in [n-3,n+3].

transparency color interpolating

read image("nnn1.ee1")number(num1)image("nnn2.ee2")number(num2) write image("nn3.ee3")number(num3)NP(nb) transp(t11,t12)col(r11,g11,b11, r12,g12,b12) transp(t21,t22)col(r12,g12,b12, r22,g22,b22)
Interpolates images nnn1_[num1,num1+nb-1] with images nnn2_[num1,num2+nb-1] by varying the parameters transp(t1,t2)color(r1,g1,b1, r2,g2,b2) and writing the results in files nnn1_[num3,num3+nb-1].

read write image>

transparency luminance interpolating (images crossfade):
read image("nnn1.ee1")number(num1)image("nnn2.ee2")number(num2) write image("nn3.ee3")number(num3)NP(nb) transp(t11,t12)luminance(lum11,lum12)transp(t21,t22)luminance(lum21,lum22)
        Interpolates images nnn1_[num1,num1+nb-1] with images nnn2_[num1,num2+nb-1] by varying the parameters transp(t1,t2)luminance(lum1,lum2) and writing the results in files nnn1_[num3,num3+nb-1].
read("A.bmp")number("4D",600)read("B.bmp")number("4D",700) write("C.bmp")number("4D",1)NP(25)
transp(0,1, 0,1)luminance(0,1, 1,1)
transp(0,1, 0,1)luminance(1,1, 0,1);

Interpolates images A0600.bmp, ..., A0625.bmp with images B0700.bmp, ..., B0725.bmp with a constant transparency (0,1), the luminance varying from (0,1) to (1,1) for the images A and from (1,1) to (0,1) for the image B and write the results in files C0001.bmp, ..., C0025.bmp, this a fade in fade out.

fade in image

read back(r,g,b)image(\"\")number(\"4D\",n1)write image(\"nn2.eee\") number(\"4D\",n2)NP(np)
Builds images nn2[n2,n2+np-1].eee as a fade in from color (r,g,b) to animated sequence nn1[n1,n1+np-1].eee.

image fade out

read image(\"\")number(\"4D\",n1)back(r,g,b)write image(\"nn2.eee\") number(\"4D\",n2)NP(np)
Builds images nn2[n2,n2+np-1].eee as a fade out from to animated sequence nn1[n1,n1+np-1].eee to color (r,g,b).

read write audio

sounds crosfade:
read audio("nnn1.wav")audio("nnn2.wav") write audio("nn3.wav")time(t)
cros fade between the latest t seconds of file nn1.wav and the first t seconds of file nn2.wav, the result written in file nn3.wav.

read write image directory("dir1")col(r,g,b)

reads images of directory and writes them with correction image image col.
directory("dir2"): write results in dir2
limit: evoides color overflows.
sin(r,g,b): withe sine variations 0.5*(1+sin(r*t)) 0.5*(1+sin(g*t)) 0.5*(1+sin(b*t))
sin(r,g,b,kr,kg,kb): 0.5*(kr+sin(r*t)) 0.5*(kg+sin(g*t)) 0.5*(kb+sin(b*t))

read zbuf

read zbuf("nnn")

        Reads the name.zbuf in the zbuffer.
The type of z-buffer can be changed depending on those during the write zbuf.
read(2): reads the file name name.zbuf saved by write(2) zbuf("nnn") unformatted in shorts.
read(3): reads the file name name.zbuf saved by write(2) zbuf("nnn") unformatted in floats. Voir aussi

See also: