Like all linear transformations that command is in 2 modes: direct and matrix.

See also

tran audio


right shift audio id of t seconds.

tran obj

tran(dx,dy,dz) obj(id)

       Displaces the object id points by (dx,dy,dz).
normal: displace vertices along their normal by dx if obj is vol.
vertex(s): only vertex s.
Note: obj is fog, light, var, vol, view.
1) tran poi(100,-20,50) vertex[1,5] vol(1,3): displaces vertices sommets (1,2,3,4,5) of the 1 and 3 by (100,-20,50)
2) tran poi(10,20,30) var("x"): displaces variable x by (10,20,30).


tran force


        If thevolume id is an element of a anchoring structure movement has no effect on it, since it is fixed to the leader, in this case a method of inverse kinematics will tend to bring the volume id at point (x, y, z) by rotating (and his parents) by rotating force. It will be equipped with a mass and yes dynamic must be active.
force(f): f = forces amplitude (1 default).
vol(id1,id2,id2,...,idn): only volumes idi will be modified, otherwise id1 and all its fathers will be modified.
coe(c1,c2,...,cn): the volume idi force will be of amplitude ci*f.
        If collision vol(lea)=g,nor the leader structure lea is compelled to "walk" on the plane defined by the point g and the normal nor, and if a gravitational force is set, then the previous method, by changing relative dispositions of the elements of structure, introduces an imbalance. If rebalancing behavior (equivallent a walking behavior) is defined, then the structure will tend to move towards the point (x, y, z).

tran image


       Displaces the content of image id by (x,y) modulo the image dimensions.

tran inv


tran inv vol poi

tran inv vol(id) poi(x,y,z)
        The subtree leader id is moving to head towards the point (x, y, z) by a rotation force (dynamic inverse kinematics).
force(f): force module (f=0.01 default).
mouse point (x,y,z) is replaced by the mouse position (left click).
mouse limit(x1,y1,x2,y2) only points inside the frame (x1,y1,x2,y2) are transformed.
vol(id1,id2,id3,...): only items idi of the string leader id1 will be processed.

tran inv vol mouse

tran inv vol(id)mouse
        The subtree leader id is moving to head towards the mouse position by a rotation force (dynamic inverse kinematics).
mouse(s): s=0 (blocking, default), s=1 (non blocking), s=2 (non blocking without click).
force(f): force module (f=0.01 default).
frame(x1,y1,x2,y2): this frame is displayed and only the mouse positions inside will be taken into account.
1) Volumes must have masses and yes dynamic must be active.
2)Volumes must be anchored and yes anc must be active.

tran matrix

tran matrix vol(id)

        Returns the volume id displacement by modifying its matrix.

tran(x,y,z)matrix vol(id)

        Displaces the volume id by modifying its matrix.
ini: processes the basic transformation.
mouse(s): do matrix(x,y)vol(id) = mouse position.

tran normal

tran normal poi(dx,dy,dz) vol(id)

        Displaces vertices of the volume id along their normals by (dx,dy,dz)*normal

tran normal poi(dx,dy,dz) vertex(s) vol(id)

        Displaces vertices s of the volume id along their normals by (dx,dy,dz)*normal

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