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alea      ambiance      anc      attach      audio
back      behind      box      brush
clip      close      collision      cut
depth      displ      dynamic
envelope      ext
field      fog      follow      force      frac
generate      graphic
heritage      hole
illum      image
lead      light      line      local
matrix      menu      message      meta      motif      mouse
palette      particle      pers      pull
radius      reanc
screen      see      segment      shadow      simple      sort      speed      sphere      stock
text      texture      traj      transp
vertex      vol      view
See also

no depth

Activates the depth-cueing.

yes displ

Activates the displays (valeur par défaut)

yes alea

Activates the random deformation of the volumes curve extensions random mofification.

yes ambiance

Activates the ambient light.

yes anc

Activates the anchors calculations.

yes behind

Behind facets are displayed (default).

yes attach

Activates the attach properties.

yes audio

Activates the reading of the audio in interaction mode.

yes box

Volumes are replaced by their boxes.

yes fog

Activates the fogs.

yes field

Activates the fields.

yes clip

Activates teh volumes clipping (default).

yes illum

Activates the illumination calculation.

yes collision

Activates the collision detection.

yes cut

Activates the volumes cut (default).

yes dynamic

Activates the dynamic module.

yes scale

Makes visible scales (default).

yes screen

In interaction mode, the screen will be cleared with the background color at each frame.

yes envelope

Activates the geometric envelope calculations as well as the audio envelope calculations.

yes ext

Activates the extensions calculations.
Note: it is necessary to yes segment in wired mode display.

yes close

Contours are closed in wireframe (no illum) (default).

yes lattice

Activates the lattices.

yes follow

Activates the propagation of the law law speed rota form one volume to its followers.

yes force

The forces are reseted to zero (default).

yes frac

Activates the fractals.

yes generate

Activates the automatic strings translation (default).

yes graphic

Activates the graphic mode (default).

yes heritage

Activates the recognition of inheritance (default).

yes image

Take into account the traj image, the dynamic image and their displaying according to their properties.

yes lead

Activates the propagation of the law law speed rota form one volume to its leader (default).

yes light

Activates the automatic calculation of the roll according to the focal.

yes line

Activates the design of apparent contours.

yes local

Activates the local functions.

yes texture

Activates the calculations of textures.

yes matrix

Not execute matrices for suiveurs.
Note: saves computation time (when you are sure that the followers not use matrices).

yes menu

Makes the menus visible (default).
Equivalent to validate menu=1.

yes message

Makes the messages visible (default).

yes meta

Activates the meta transf.

yes motif

Activates the des motif calculations.

yes normal

Forces the vertices normal calculation at each display.

yes shadow

Active les ombres portées

yes palette

Activates the palette mode (default).

yes particle

Activates the particule calculations.

yes pull

Activates the pcking mode.

yes pers

Activates the conic perspective (default).

yes brush

Activates the brushes (required to use them).

yes radius

Activate the curvature calculations (required by adjust law vol(id).

yes reanc

Activates the automatic reanchors.

yes segment

Segments in real time are precalculated (for faster calculations wired, but precomputations are longer).
It is necessary to do yes segment to extension are taken into account in wired display.

yes simple

Displays are simplified (ie without attach, nor motif, nor particle, nor envelope vertex, nor local, nor sphere vertex, nor dvol vertex).

yes vertex

Activates the vertex motif calculation.

yes mouse

Makes visible mouse (default).

yes sphere

Activates the sphere vertex vol property.

yes stock

Required for stock in interaction mode.

yes text

The texts are displayable (default).

yes traj

Activates the trajectories (default).

yes transp

Activates the transparency (default).

yes sort

Activates the audio signal fft calculation.

yes hole

Entry pointsof a hole is in the frame linked to the facet, at the invocation of the end the contour will be mapped back automatically in the plane of the facet.

yes speed

In dynamic animation, when a volume is modified its vertex vertex speeds are recomputed (default).

yes vol

Activates the vol vertex vol property and vol vol vol.

yes see

In interaction mode the inputs outputs are made in the see window.

yes view

Calculates the perspective of the scene as multiple points of view and regarding procedural perspectives.
Useful if several views or if a view is procedural.

yes zbuf

Activates the zbuffer (default).

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