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motif        mouse
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See also

speed image

speed image(id)

Returns the speed of the dynamic image id.
average: returns the average speed.
format: returns the speed of the luminance.
module: returns the average module.
pixel: for pixel image.

speed law network

speed law network(id)

       Returns the speed laws (outflow) neural network id (for a network type

speed line


Returns the speed of the line w of vectors size v (1 by default).

speed motif network

speed motif network(id)

       Returns the speedmotifs (inflow) neural network id (for a network type

speed rota

speed rota vol(id)

       Returns the instantaneous rotation vector of volume id in yes dynamic. It must have been generate axis vol(num).
Same syntax for speed rotx vol, speed roty vol et speed rotz vol

speed texture

speed textur(num)validate vol(id)=p

Changes speed of texture(num)validate vol(id).

speed vertex vol

speed vertex(s) vol(id)

       Returns the speed of vertex s of volume id.

speed vertex(s) vol(id)=vx,vy,vz

       Assigns this speed.
1) Before invoking the command animate, speed vertex vol allows to assign initial velocities at vertices.
2)This command allows view and modify the vertices velocity.

speed mouse

       Returns the mouse velocity in mouse mode 2.

speed stock

speed stock(id)

       Returns the speed vectors of object stock id.


       Returns the speed vectors num of the object stock id.

speed vol

speed vol(id)

       Returns the speed of the center of gravity of thr volume id.

speed vol(id)=vx,vy,vz

       Changes this speed.

speed win

speed win image(id)

Returns property speed win of image id automatically generated if audio win(nb)image(id)dim(d) has been invoked.

See also:

displ network matrix speed
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