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hole image

hole image(id1,id2,id3)

        Blend the image id1 with the image id2 in the image id3, writing a pixel in two. .
1) If id3 is absent, the result is written into the current image.
2) images Id1 and id2 must have the same dimensions.

hole vol

hole(f) line(x1,y1,z1,...) vol(id)

        Makes a hole in facet f volume id with the line (x1, y1, z1, ...).
1) if f = f1, f2, the facets numbered f1, f2 are perforated by the same line and joint facets will be generated automatically.
hole(1,3) line(x)vol(1); Makes holes in facets 1 and 3 of volume 1 with the same polygonal line x and generates facets joining their vertices.
2) It is not recommended to close the hole contour.
3) if yes hole is active (default): points returned in the plane (x, y) will be automatically mapped into this facet as the end command is invoked, otherwise (ie if no hole has been activated ) points will be stored as is.
4) To generate facets joining two holes f1 and f2 , do:
generate fac(f1,f2) vol(id);

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