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max audio

Returns the maximum amplitude of the audio calculated on dim audio samples.
abs: absolute value of maximum.
average(1): average along 12 images.
average(2): average along 25 images.
average(3): average along 50 images.
sort: processes the fft signal (yes sort must be valide).
envelope: processes the envelope of the signal.
max audio sort envelope;         Returns the maximum of the envelope of the fft signal.

max dist

max dist obj(id1)obj(id2)

        Returns the maximum distance of the vertiecs of objects id11 and id22
1) max dist vol(1) vol(2): returns the maximum distance of points of the volumes 1 and 2.
2) max dist light(3) traj(-1): returns the maximum distance of light 3 to the points of the trajectoty -1.
3) max dist poi(0,0,0) vol[1,3]: returns the maximum distance of origin to the points of volumes 1,2,3.

max dist vertex obj(id1)obj(id2)

Note: obj is a standard object.
Returns numbers of objects and vertices.
1) max dist vertex poi(x,y,z) vol(1); returns 1,s with s=number of the point of volume 1 farthest of point(x,y,z).
2) max dist vertex vol(1) vol(2); returns 1,s1,2,s2 with si=nuber of the point of volume si such that their distance is maximum.
3) max dist vol[1,3] vol[11,17]; returns v1,s1,v2,s2 with s1=number of the point of volume v1 (between 1 and 3) and s2=number of the point of volume v2 (between 11 and 17) such that their distance is maximum.

max module

max module audio(id)

Returns the maximum module of audio id.
dila(1/(max module audio(id)))audio(id);
       adjusts the audio id modules between 0 and 1.

max number

max number obj

        Returns the maximum number of the objects of type obj.

max NP

max NP vol(id)

        Returns the maximum number of vertices referenced in the facets of volume id (useful for no taking account of the anchors).
See also NP obj.
As an option to a geometric transformation, can process only those points.

max poi

max poi obj(id)

Returns (n1,n2,x,y,z) with (x,y,z> = coordinates of the vertex n2 (y maximum) of volume n1.
anc: if object id is of type vol any followers of this object will be processed.
axis(x,y,z): returns the farest point in direction (x,y,z) (0,1,0 default).
poi(x,y,z): from point (x,y,z) (0,0,0 by default).

max scale

max scale(id)audio

Returns the list of each 1/25 second amplitude of scale audio id.


Returns amplitude at image num.

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