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        Returns the display period (number of frames displayed per second, set to 100).


        Changes this period.
1) Depending on the complexity of the scene (which can be variable) display can be irregular and it may be useful down this period.
2) this value is initialized in envb.h to PER=100, it can be changed and modified to launch.
2) For animatin delayed, especially for recording audio settings should be set to 25 period (period of diffusion).
1) If p=0: maximum speed (without time control).
2) To interactively change this period do:
scale period.


Returns the permutation (xn,x1,...,xn-1).
period(xn,x1,...,xn-1)rand returns a random permutation of (xn,x1,...,xn-1).
also: var(xn,x1,...,xn-1)rand returns a random permutation of (xn,x1,...,xn-1).

period animate

period animate

Returns ethe animation period.

period animate=p

Changes this riod.
Note: if p is not zero, and if a higher order animation has been defined, then period screen nd period zbuf takes p value and trajectories provided with trajectories are incremented with the period p.

period scale

period scale("sss")input

Returns the period of the flicking first character of the text of the scale type input and name sss.

period scale("sss")input=p

Changes the period.

period screen

period screen

Returns the clearing period of the display.

period screen=p

Changes this period.

period menu

period menu("MEN")menu("XXX")

Returns the puls period of box named XXX of menu MEN.

period menu("MEN")menu("XXX")=p

Changes this period.
The box XXX of menu MEN will pulse, with period p between colors r1,g1,b1 et r2,g2,b2 of the option rectangle(r1,g1,b1,r2,g2,b2 at creation of menu MEN.
period(p,nb): the pulsation only last nb images (infinite by default).

period message

period message(id)

        Returns per,dur with:
       per = period.
       dur = duration.

period message(id)=per,dur

        Changes these parameters.

period device

period device(id)

        Returns the waiting of device id.

period device(num)=att

        Changes this waiting.

period image

period image(id)

        Returns the period of the image id.

period image(id)=p

        Assignes this period.
Note: this command allows defining the period of the sounds assocoated to the image id.

period line

period line(x1,x2,...,xn)

        Returns the period of the signbal xi

period inv line(x1,x2,...,xn)

        Returns the frequency of the signbal xi

period poi


        Returns the p period (np vectors dimension dimp).

period texture

period texture (num)validate vol(id)=p

Changes period of texture(num)validate period(p)vol(id).

period traj vol

period traj ... vol(id)

        Returns the la period and the increment of a trajectory of volume id.

period traj ... vol(id)=per,inc

       Changes these values (inc=1 by default).

period zbuf

period zbuf

Returns the blanking period of zbuffer.

period zbuf=p

Changes this period.

See also:

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