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       Returns the current point coordinates.


       Chnages this point.

poi anc

poi(num)anc vol(id)

        Returns the anchored point num of volume id.

poi audio


        Returns the samples [n1,n2] of object audio id type object.


        Changes those samples.

poi brush

poi brush(id)

        Returns the position (x,y) of the programmable brush id.

poi brush(id)=x,y

        Changes this position if close brush(id) = 1. It is possible to define several positions, a paintbrush will appear identical in each.

poi(p) brush(id)=x,y,z

        Changes this point.

poi dim


        draws the perspective of the 3D point (x, y, z)wide d.

poi ext


        Returns y=w(x), when w is a 3D polygonal line of extension (n,c).

poi follow

poi follow vol(id)

        Returns the coordinates of vertex follow of volume id.

poi follow vol(id)=x,y,z

        Changes those coordinates.

poi generate

poi(n)generate vol(id)

        Returns the coordinates of the point n of the generation of volume id.
Volume id must have a ext property, generate vol(id)ext must have been done, or frac and generate vol(id)frac have been done.

poi win

       Returns the position of the current window.

poi win(id)

       Returns the position of the window id.

poi win(id)=x,y

       Changes the position of window id.

poi lead

poi follow vol(id)

        Returns the coordinates of vertex lead of lead of volume id.

poi leadvol(id)=x,y,z

        Changes those coordinates.

poi line

poi(x) line(w)

        Returns y=w(x), lwhen w is a 3D polygonal line.

poi matrix

poi(s) matrix vol(id)

       Returns the point s of volume id transormed by its matrix.


poi menu("MEN")

Returns the points list of menu MEN.

poi menu("MEN")=x1,y1, x2,y2,...

Changes these points.
The listis of the form {xai,yai,xbi,ybi}0 < i < n (n = number of boxes).
       xai,yai,xbi,ybi = coordinates of top-left corner and bottom right corner of the box i.

poi message

poi mesage(id)

        Returns the position (x,y) of upper left corner of message id.

poi mesage(id)=x,y

        Changes this position.

poi obj

poi obj(id)

        Returns the coordinates of point of the object id.
matrix: taking into account anchorage and matricial transformations of object id.

poi obj(id)=x,y,z

        Changes these points.

poi(num) obj(id)

        Returns the coordinates of point num de of object obj id.

poi(num) obj(id)=x,y,z

        Changes this point.

poi(0) obj(id)=x,y,z

        Adds the point (x,y,z) to object id of type obj.

poi mouse


        Returns the coordinates (xs,ys) in the frame of the mouse (origin the upper left corner of the screen and dimensions those maximum screen) of point (xa, ya) in the anyflo frame.

poi(xs,ys)mouse inv

        Returns the coordinates (xa,ya) in the anyflo frame of point (xs,ys) in the mouse frame.
Note: these coordinates are identical if the two systems are the same.

poi scale

Returnes the coordinates of the right upper corner of the last scale: allows chaining scalkes..

poi screen

poi screen vol(id)

Returns the screen coordinates of points of volume id.
see also: generate poi screen vol(id)

poi see

poi see

        Returns the coordinates (x1,y1,x2,y2) of the window see corner.

poi see=x1,y1,x2,y2

        Chnages these coordinates.
poi(num): point number num (=1 ou 2).

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